Fight the virus, not the family

Akaue’anga (Duty of Care) – Every Turanga, Pirianga has Akaue’anga.  This is the acknowledgement and fulfilment of individual and collective duties.   This is a “Duty of Care” that is tied to each role we have.  As a son, my brothers turanga means he often checks up on my parents, making sure they’re watching what they eat or exercising in the bubble and in return they ask him how his day has been especially after a shift as an essential worker.

A Call to Superheroes – the fight against P

It’s been seven years since I sat in a room with Tongan mothers, desperate to kick their addiction to P, pleading for help so that they could be reunited with their children. Their pleas still haunt me today. Like each of the ministries represented in this country, it is not in good practice to work in silos, because “issues” cut across. In the same sense, while we tackle the drug issues in Aotearoa we cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in the Pacific on route Aotearoa and Australia.

Postnatal Depression

“Postnatal Depression” – it is a term that has gained momentum over the decades in the arena of research, but one I, as a Pacific woman, “still” struggle to fully understand and while we have terms to describe symptoms, we have yet to create Pacific translations that define what it means or capture the essence of what our sons and daughters of the Pacific go through. So, here is my attempt at asking questions that will hopefully start us on a journey of better understanding.